Donnerstag, 03.12.2020 / 21:58 Uhr

Gewalt gegen Lehrerproteste in Irakisch-Kurdistan

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Bild: Kirkuk Now


Auch in Irakisch-Kurdistan verschlechtert sich die Lage stetig, nun gehen Lehrerinnen und Lehrer auf die Straße und auf sie wurde offenbar scharf geschossen:

Teachers protesting their months-delayed wages in the Kurdistan Region’s eastern city of Sulaimani were hit with tear gas and arrests by police on Thursday, according to sources.

The civil servants and those standing in solidarity with them gathered at the city’s Saraa square, the epicenter of Sulaimani’s anti-government protests back in 2011 for a second day in a row, demanding their delayed wages from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Several activists and journalists have been arrested according to a Rudaw reporter in Sulaimani. Reporters for Sulaimani-based NRT TV were allegedly detained and arrested, according to the outlet.

Footage released on social media show clashes between protestors and security forces, with protestors retreating due to the firing of tear gas into the crowds. 

"Security forces opened fire using kalashnikovs," teacher Abdulkhaliq Mawati, told Rudaw's Snwr Majid on Thursday afternoon, saying there were no casualties.