Sonntag, 14.04.2019 / 09:58 Uhr

Autonomie für Basra

Aus dem Netz

Nach monatelangen Protesten gegen die Zentralregierung in Bagdad fordern Demonstranten im südirakischen Basra nun die Schaffung einer autonomen Region nach kurdischem Vorbild:

Protesters took to the streets of Iraq’s southern city of Basra on Friday to demand greater regional autonomy from Iraq’s central government.

“Today, the people of Basra are sending a positive message to the federal government and the world, that the will and future of the people of Basra is to inhale the air of freedom and redemption from the dictatorial factions that the federal government is to establish,” said Hussein al-Karim, a protester.

“We want to rebuild Basra, and we are not going to take over the oil, it’s the wealth of all Iraqis. We assure you that we are not having that ugly segregated behaviour, don’t try us because we are going through the process of setting up a provincial government despite the consequences,” he added.

Amid mass protests against federal government policies and neglect, Basra’s Provincial Council recently voted to hold a referendum on making Basra an autonomous region, much like the Kurdistan Region.