Freitag, 24.05.2019 / 16:35 Uhr

Palästinensische Schulbücher: Wenn die EU nach Jahrzehnten merkt, was sie finanziert

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Über Schulbücher in den von der Palestinian National Authority (PNA) kontrollierten Gebieten:

The textbooks used in the Palestinian Authority school system, from elementary through high school, are replete with strong expressions of hatred towards Israel, negation of its right to exist and praise for the struggle against it, as well as antisemitic expressions against the Jews.

In these textbooks, Israel is described as "a country of gangs, born in crime." The Jews are arrogant and sly traitors, and Zionism is a racist movement and a "germ."

From this point of view, the Oslo Accords are described as "a move to get the Palestine Liberation Army into the territories," and support for jihad is emphasized.

Thus, Palestinian youth are educated from birth in an atmosphere of religious and nationalist incitement, with no trace of anything positive regarding Israel, which results in a deepening of their hatred towards Israel, a fanning of the flames of violence and encouragement and justification of terrorism against the State of Israel and against Jews.

Diese Beobachtungen stammen aus einer Studie aus dem Jahr 2001. Schon damals wurden die Hauptgeldgeber der PNA dafür kritisiert, was mit ihrem Geld so gedruckt wird. Passiert ist nicht viel, auch wenn diese Kritik Jahr für Jahr wiederholt wurde und vor allem der EU als einem der wichtigsten Finanziers immer wieder vorgelegt wurde.

Nun endlich, mit über zwanzig Jahren Verspätung kommt eine Reaktion und Bestätigung. Unter anderem, weil die neuen Schulbücher "noch radikaler" seien als ihre Vorgänger:

Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced Wednesday that the body will scrutinize the new Palestinian textbooks for content that incites hate and violence, out of concern that EU aid funds are being used to promote hatred.

The announcement follows an investigation and campaign by IMPACT-se (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education). They found that the new Palestinian textbooks, releases in September 2018, are even more radical than previous editions, with hundreds of examples of extremism encouraging Jihad, violence, demonization and incitement against Israel and Jews.

The hateful content was found to be methodical and appeared in all subjects including mathematics, physics, biology, etc. One book for first graders features an image of a child smiling alongside “apostates” burning in hell.