Freitag, 22.09.2017 / 10:04 Uhr

Hizbollah feiert 'schiitischen Halbmond'

Aus dem Netz

Die Hizbollah in ihren eigenen Worten:

A Hezbollah field commander, indicating a map showing the line of neighboring countries Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, said the territory now forms a “Shia crescent,” a reference to the branch of Islam that dominates the rule in those countries and echoing Israeli concerns of a corridor from Tehran to Beirut.

“The Shia Crescent they were so afraid of — we stepped on their noses and created it. There is now an open road from Tehran to Dahieh,” the field commander said, referring to a Hezbollah-dominated suburb of Beirut.

Another Hezbollah commander said that America’s involvement in Iraq was what enabled Iran to extend its influence all the way to Lebanon.

“The Americans removed Saddam Hussein and handed over the affairs of Iraq to the Iranians,” he said. “Actually, it was America that made Iran strong in the region. They gave them Iraq, and now they have a common enemy” — meaning Islamic State.