Mittwoch, 18.10.2017 / 14:59 Uhr

"Es gibt keine kurdische Regierung mehr"

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Die internen Differenzen kurdischer Parteien im Irak erklärt:

"We can essentially forget about the KRG as a cohesive, policy-making, security-implementing government. It does not exist in any real sense," he said.

"You have a rump KDP-dominated government in Erbil and you have the PUK in Suleimaniyah which is now more or less fully on board with the federal government."

Iraqi Kurdistan has always been divided between the KDP and the PUK, with the former controlling the capital Erbil and the latter controlling the second city Suleimaniyah.

Although an uneasy unity had been built in recent years as Kurds united against the Islamic State group, the two camp appears to be fracturing once again.

"The PUK/KDP split is the most important factor in explaining what happened in Kirkuk," said Nate Rabkin, the managing editor of Inside Iraqi Politics.

"One of the things that makes it hard to predict what will happen, even in the short term, is that the united front of the Kurdish parties has broken down completely."

He said almost no one would have predicted such disagreements could have led to the loss of territory, and the integrity of the Kurdish region.

But the PUK had always been lukewarm on Barzani's independence referendum, and his animosity towards Baghdad.

While it went along with the poll and supported the Yes campaign - unlike the larger Gorran party - the PUK avoided taking the hardline politics of Barzani, and was open to agreeing deals that would see the remit of the referendum changed or the date moved.

The PUK have also always had closer links to Iran - the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, attended the funeral of the late PUK leader Jalal Talabani last month, while Quds Force leader Qassem Suleimani visited his tomb over the weekend.

This has made it easier for the KDP to pin accusations of a connection to Iran on the party, though the leadership have been keen to deny there was any deal with the Iraqi forces."