Mittwoch, 28.09.2022 / 21:16 Uhr

Syrer berichten von zwangsweiser Abschiebung durch Türkei

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Seit einiger Zeit intensiviert die türkische Regierung die zwangsweise Deportation von Syrerinnen und Syrern:

Many Syrian refugees in Turkey have been heading to the border gates in southeastern provinces to return to their homeland within the scope of the "Volunteer Return Program," which was initiated on the grounds that "safe zones" were created in Syria.

Syrians preparing to pass through Akçakale Border Gate in the Urfa province told Gazete Duvar that their return is not “voluntary” as described by Turkish officials, but rather mandatory. They said unemployment, low wages, racist attacks and hate speech are some of the reasons behind their return.

The return procedure of Syrians starts with the filling of the "Voluntary Return Request Form" by coming to the Immigration Management Directorate Voluntary Return Center at the border gates of Akçakale. After the application, an interview is held with the United Nations representative to determine whether the return was 'voluntary’ or ‘forced'. After these, the return process begins.

Some 22,730 people have passed through the Akçakale Border Gate since 2020, and the number of people passing through the border gate varies between 80 and 100 daily, according to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management statistics.

Ayhan Salih, who has been living in Turkey for nearly three years, said that there are regions in Syria where there are no bombings and regions where the war continues.