Montag, 02.10.2017 / 09:12 Uhr

Syrien: September der blutigste Monat des Jahrs

Aus dem Netz

September has been the deadliest month in Syria's civil war so far this year, a monitoring group has said. 

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said more than 3,300 people had died in September, including 995 civilians.

Of those civilian deaths, it said about 70% were caused by Russian, Syrian government, or coalition air strikes. 

The group bases its casualty reports on information provided by a network of activists in Syria.

It counted 207 children among the civilian dead, along with some 790 pro-government fighters, more than 700 from so-called Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda affiliates, and some 550 rebels.