Dienstag, 08.08.2017 / 13:26 Uhr

Tunesische Fischer gegen Identitäre

Aus dem Netz

Tunisian fishermen have prevented a ship chartered by far-right anti-immigration activists from putting into port, forcing the vessel to head further along the north African country’s coast in search of reportedly much-needed supplies.

Flying a Mongolian flag and manned by members of the extremist French-based Generation Identity group, the C-Star was was turned away from Zarzis harbour on Sunday night and is thought likely to try to dock at Sfax or Gabès on Monday.

After leaving Cyprus on 1 August and being advised not to dock in Greece or Sicily for fear of protests, the C-Star briefly tracked the Aquarius, a search and rescue boat operated by the NGO SOS Mediterranée, off the coast of Libya at the weekend.

But the 40-metre (130ft) vessel faced determined resistance from Tunisian fishermen as it approached port. “If they come here, we’ll block the refuelling channel,” Chamseddine Bourassine, a local fishermen’s leader, told Agence France-Presse.