Montag, 12.03.2018 / 22:25 Uhr

"Erst jagen dann vergewaltigen"

Aus dem Netz

S. Rifai hat einige Posts von Anhängern Assads und der Hizbollah gesammelt, die kurz vor dem Fall Ostghoutas ihren Vernichtungswünschen freien Lauf lassen. Wer es wissen will, kann es wissen. Eine Auswahl in englischer Übersetzung:

"In Ghouta, I think they should first hunt all the women & rape them, then pour gasoline & burn them all, then they should wipe out all of Ghouta and leave nothing alive"

"God willing there will be no child left behind...kill the children before adults let them all go to hell and get virgins instead of their donkey wives"

"Bashar Assad supporter Saeed Elia was asked what would be the first thing he'd do if he won the lottery. His answer: I will buy chemical weapons and attack the Syrian opposition and "neutral" Syrians."

"Assad/Hizbollah supporter on FB to women of #Ghouta: "By the willingness of God, you will be raped in front of your children and men".

""Long live [Assad general Suhail Hassan], may all residents of Ghouta be slaughtered, may they all become quadriplegic, deaf, mute..every time my house vibrates from the bombs landing nearby in Ghouta my heart feels love & butterflies".