Montag, 21.05.2018 / 23:21 Uhr

Die Welt schuldet den Mnschen in Gaza eine Erklärung

Aus dem Netz

David Horowitz in der Times of Israel:

After Monday’s terrible violence and loss of Palestinian life on the Gaza border, the world owes the Palestinians some painful but simple truths.

Weeks of Hamas-spurred “March of Return” rallies — with their accompanying riots, bids to cut through the border fence in order to carry out attacks inside Israel, dispatch of blazing attack kites, trashing of the Gaza aid infrastructure at the Kerem Shalom crossing, et al — are not going to work. Just like terror tunnels, and rocket fire, and suicide bombings, car rammings and drive-by shootings haven’t worked.

The Hamas strategy won’t work, no matter how successfully it captures the international narrative of what is playing out here. Anguished by the loss of life, Israel will nonetheless defend its borders.

What the terror group calls “Palestine” — i.e. Israel — is not going to be “liberated.” Majority-Jewish Israel isn’t going anywhere. Most specifically, given the current Hamas tactic for bringing Gazans to the border, the “refugees,” in their ostensible millions, are not going to “return.”

After another awful day like Monday — especially after a day like that — the world owes it to the Palestinians to make that clear." (...)

In truth, as their organizers made plain from day one, the mass border protests are being mounted not against the “occupation” of Gaza, or the blockade on Gaza. For all the misreporting, they were planned and are being held with the undisguised goal of putting an end to the State of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, whose legitimacy in any borders Hamas rejects. Hence the particularly large mobilization in outraged opposition to the legitimizing of Israeli Jerusalem as signified by the new US embassy; hence the particular resonance of Nakba day.

“March of Return.” It’s right there in the name. The people of Gaza are being mobilized by their terrorist rulers for a “return.” They are being assured by their leadership that this “return” is imminent. That their “homeland” will soon be restored. That the Nakba will be reversed. And that those of them who lose their lives in violence at the border in the cause of that “return” will find their place in paradise as martyrs to their divinely blessed struggle.

The world owes it to them to shatter this illusion. And there’s a straightforward means of doing so.The current unique UN definition of ‘Palestinian refugees’ enables millions of Palestinians to assert, to dream of, to follow cynical leaders who champion, and in some cases to risk their lives for, an unfounded ‘right’ of ‘return’