Samstag, 09.06.2018 / 16:06 Uhr

Iranisch unterstützte Soldaten als Syrer verkleidet

Iran-allied militias along the Israeli-Syrian border are dressing up Syrian military uniforms to avoid the attention of Israel's air force, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. According to rebels, the Syrian regime is disguising  convoys of Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and other Iran-backed militias as its own fighters, to avoid further Israeli airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria.
After initially appearing to withdraw from the border, forces loyal to Iran returned to both Daraa and Quneitra provinces in southwest Syria, near the border with Israel, with rockets and missiles, a rebel commander said.

“It’s a camouflage,” said Ahmad Azam, a commander with the rebel Salvation Army, a group based in Quneitra. “They are leaving in their Hezbollah uniform and they are returning in regime vehicles and dressed in regular [Syrian] army uniforms,” Azam said, adding that many of the foreign fighters in Syria had received ID cards of dead Syrian fighters.