Samstag, 30.06.2018 / 13:52 Uhr

Will Donald Trump alle amerikanischen Truppen aus Syrien abziehen?

Aus dem Netz

“Diplomatic sources” indicated that Trump will tell Putin of US acceptanceTru of a current pro-Assad offensive, with Russia providing essential airstrikes, of the opposition area in southern Syria.

Trump put the proposals to visiting King Abdullah II of Jordan earlier this week. Jordan has been an ally of the Americans. Initially, the two countries provide Syrian rebels in the south with support, but limited and then withdrew this from 2015. Jordan has also closed its border to any further Syrian civilians, including those displaced by the Assad offensive in Daraa Province that has forced up to 150,000 people to flee in the past 10 days.

Trump said in March that the US will “be coming out of Syria like very soon”. He was pushed back by the Pentagon, which told the media that more US personnel would be put into northern Syria, where the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have taken territory from the Islamic State.

But Trump froze $200 million in US funds for “stabilization operations” to secure the area after ISIS’s defeat and in the face of attempts by the Assad regime to take control.

National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Moscow on Wednesday to establish the date for the Trump-Putin summit on July 16 and to discuss other matters. He discussed Syria, including with Putin, but no details were given of the talks.

Similarly, US officials have said that Trump and Putin will discuss the Syrian conflict when they confer on July 16, but have not provided specifics.