Sonntag, 01.07.2018 / 19:28 Uhr

Syrische Flüchtlinge an der israelischen Grenze

Aus dem Netz

Zehntausende Syrer fliehen vor der von Russland unterstützten Offensive Assads in Südsyriens. Nur: Es gibt kein Land, das sie aufnimmt, die jordanische Grenze bleibt geschlossen. So sammeln sich immer mehr an der israelischen Grenze und hoffen, dort wenigstens sicher zu sein.

Seth J. Frantzman berichtet aus der Grenzregion über diese Tragödie:

On Saturday the tents, buses and shacks of the refugees could be seen for several kilometers stretching from the Syrian village of Al Rafeed towards Al-Malgah in the southern Golan, around 20 kilometers south of Majdal Shams. 

Some of the tents appeared to be new and orange, while others looked dusty and may have been near the border for longer. 

The displaced people have gathered as close as possible to Israel’s security fence that runs along the border and many of them are between the 1974 ceasefire lines Bravo and Alpha in an area usually patrolled by UNDOF. 

An UNDOF deployment map from last year shows that the displaced people have gathered next to several UNDOF observation points. 

In a video posted Friday some of the internally displaced people called on Israel to protect them and for the UN to return in force to their patrolling areas along the border.

It appears the refugees think that setting up tents in the ceasefire area will protect them from encroachment or attack by the Syrian regime. Israel said last week it will not permit them to cross the border.