Mittwoch, 28.11.2018 / 23:09 Uhr

Iran: Arbeiterproteste dauern schon vier Wochen

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Seit nunmehr vier Wochen protestieren in der iranischen Provinz Khuzestan Arbeiter gegen schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen, niedrige Gehälter, Inflation, für mehr Freiheit, kurzum für ein Ende des repressiven Regimes. Viel hört man davon in Deutschland nicht, schon gar nicht Solidaritätserklärungen.

Workers from two major Iranian factories in the Khuzestan Province on Tuesday continued protests that began nearly three weeks ago, demanding, most notably, long overdue paychecks.

Employees of the privately-owned Tapeh Sugar Cane factory located in Shush city have been demonstrating in front of the governorate building for the past 23 days after multiple months of missed salaries.



Rallies continued on Tuesday with protesters chanting in defense of a Workers’ Union member within the company, Ismail Bakhsi, who was arrested.

During last week’s round of public gatherings, which the organizers claim are peaceful, security forces interrupted demonstrators and arrested a number of activists and syndicate members. Most were later released but Bakhsi, however, along with journalist and activist Sepideh Ghaliyan, remain detained.

Among chants, more rhythmic in Farsi, heard during the Monday gathering were: “They captured Ismael, we are all Bakhsi” and “Inflation, high prices, Rouhani respond!,” with the latter referring to Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, whose government is struggling to manage the country’s finances.

Gestern solidarisierten sich Studentinnen und Studenten der Universität Teheran mit dem Protest.



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