Samstag, 27.06.2020 / 10:43 Uhr

Isis und Corona: Tötet die Ungläubigen

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken


(Voice of Hind, Neues Magazin des IS)


Der Islamische Staat meldet sich mit einem neuem Magazin zurück, nachdem seine letzte Hochglanzbroschüre namens Dabiq irgendwann eingestellt werden musste.

Wie üblich geht es um das Lieblingsthema des IS, nämlich wie man möglichst effizient möglichst viele Ungläubige hinmetzeln kann. Und da wir in Zeiten von Corona leben, wird das Virus seltstredend als Alliierter im heiligen Krieg begrüßt:

The special edition declares that it’s now a “diseased world” in which ISIS supporters should “stay firm and ready to launch a severe attack on the enemies of Allah’s religion who are embroiled in a fight against the disease brought about by Allah’s rage against them.”

“COVID 19 has plagued the disbelievers and it is time to make it worse… believers can wreak havoc on disbelievers by spreading the disease among them so that they are forced to bow down before Allah’s rule before they are wiped out from the earth,” the article continues, adding that “every brother and sister, even children, can contribute to Allah’s cause by becoming the carriers of this disease and striking the colonies of the disbelievers, wherever they find them.” They claimed that “no disease can harm even a hair of a believer.”

The article continues for two more pages of trying to goad followers into spreading coronavirus, calling it “a weapon far greater than stones” and adding, “What better chance can you get to kill the disbelievers in multitudes than COVID 19?”

“They have hampered our efforts of establishing the Caliphate of Allah and now is the time to extract revenge,” the magazine states.

The issue reprints an Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi message from the late ISIS leader delivered in 2015, urging would-be jihadists to come join “the war of every Muslim in every place.”

The second-to-last page offers tips on ways to “annihilate the disbelievers” including keeping oneself “armed at all times to never miss a chance to kill as many Kuffar as you can. Even a knife can be a convenient object to keep with oneself.”

Dass besonders die so genannte islamische Welt schwer von Corona betroffen ist, dürfte die Jihadisten wenig stören, schließlich empfinden sie eh die meisten Muslime als Abtrünnige, die nicht der reinen Lehre folgen und sollte es doch einen Rechtgläubigen treffen, so wird diese/r sicher im Paradies belohnt.