Montag, 11.02.2019 / 18:39 Uhr

Apple und Google kollabieren mit saudischem Tugendterrorsystem

Aus dem Netz

Apple's decision to allow an app made by the government of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of monitoring how women travel and effectively prevent them from leaving the country illegally has been criticized by a number of human rights organizations, for seemingly helping to "enforce gender apartheid" in the country.

Listed in the App Store, as well as in Google Play for the Android version, the Absher app is one that allows individuals to use the Saudi Arabian government's web service. While it can be used for multiple actions, including fairly normal activities such as paying parking fines, the app's ability for men to monitor and dictate the travel plans of women has caught the attention of critics.

Under Saudi law, the rights of women are curtailed compared to men, and must have a nominated male guardian who can exercise considerable control over their life. In the app, ThisIsInsider reports male guardians are able to dictate how many journeys a woman can take, how long they can travel for, which airports can be used, and to cancel permissions to travel at will.

There is also the ability to effectively track the movements of women in travel, with text alerts able to inform when a passport is used