Mittwoch, 17.06.2020 / 14:38 Uhr

Am Ende ist es die Kohle: Der erste Assad im Knast

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Bei Al Capone war es bekanntermaßen die Steuererklärung, bei Rifaat al Assad, dem Schächter von Hama, sind es seine korrupten Geschäftspraktiken, die ihn nun dahin bringen, wohin er gehört: in den Knast

Rifaat al-Assad was convicted of embezzling Syrian state funds to buy homes and offices worth €90m (£76m).

The 82-year-old former vice-president denies any wrongdoing. His lawyers say he will appeal.

His property assets in Paris and London will be seized, the court ruled.(...)

French judicial authorities decided that he should stand trial for crimes allegedly committed between 1984 and 2016, including organised money laundering, aggravated tax fraud and misappropriation of Syrian state funds.

The trial opened on 9 December last year. Assad denied the charges, saying he was given gifts by the Saudi royal family.

His reported French fortune includes two Paris townhouses, a stud farm, a chateau and 7,300 square metres of office space in Lyon. Several luxury properties have already been seized by French authorities.

Assad and his family also have a portfolio of 507 properties in Spain valued at around €695m (£585m).