Donnerstag, 06.01.2022 / 18:14 Uhr

Palästinensische Führung selbst an ihrer Misere schuld

Aus dem Netz

Eyal Zisser kommentiert in Israel Hayoum das jüngste Treffen zwischen Mohammed Abbas und Benny Gantz:

Bringing Abbas back from the dead does not change the reality. The Palestinian Authority lacks the ability to govern or influence, and apparently any real support from the Palestinians, as well. In any case, it cannot and apparently has no desire to serve as a real partner for Israel in finding a solution that would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the British Mandate, and in effect the foundation of the same entity known to us from those years as the Land of Israel/Palestina. The establishment of the Mandate cut the Arabs of what would become Israel from their brothers in the Arab world that surrounds us, thereby serving as a starting point – ground zero – for the growth of a national Palestinian movement that wanted to take the Land of Israel for itself. Anyone who had previously seen himself as an Arab or a Syrian became a "Palestinian" thanks to the haphazardness of the British.

But 100 years on, the Palestinians find themselves going back to where they started after their campaign to build a nation and found a state ended in a crashing failure. At this rate, 2022, could wind up becoming the year that buries the idea of Palestinian nationalism, very little of which remains, anyway.

This failure is to a large extent the doing of the Palestinians themselves, who throughout the years have refused any compromise and stuck to the idea of "the whole Palestine," which includes no room for a Jewish state. Ironically, the Israeli governments – and the current one is no different from its predecessors – are the ones that continue to perpetuate the Palestinian dream and keep breathing life into it, mostly because of tactical political considerations and a desire to avoid making difficult decisions. (...)


The first ones to call this bluff are, of course, the Palestinians themselves, who are sick of PA rule and who have also given up on the idea of Palestinian independence. Most of them appear to be willing to accept Israeli citizenship, if they were able to.