Mittwoch, 16.11.2022 / 14:12 Uhr

Zu wenig Kandidaten für Tunesiens Parlamentswahl

Al-Monitor berichtet aus Tunesien:

The Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) has for the first time extended the number of days to nominate parliamentary candidates. After the customary eight days, the number of successfully nominated candidates had not been reached, so the decision was taken to extend the nomination period by three days, finally closing nominations on Oct. 27.   

After the deadline for submitting appeals closed, the ISIE announced that out of a total number of candidates filed (1,427), only 1,058 files were accepted — 936 male candidates and 122 female candidates. Of great concern are seats where no candidates at all have been nominated, including overseas seats in Asia and Australia. The results of the appeals will be announced on Nov. 22. These are low figures if compared to the number of votes cast in the 2019 legislative elections: 2,870,521.

Slim Bouzid, president of the Tunisian Mourakiboun, an anti-corruption association that has observed all of Tunisia’s elections, told Al-Monitor, “The lack of candidates shows both a lack of general enthusiasm and that the process is quite difficult.” Each candidate requires 400 endorsements from registered voters, and there is no public campaign financing.