Mittwoch, 14.06.2017 / 13:46 Uhr

Geruch des Todes

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Wie es in Mosul aussieht in diesen Tagen, bei inzwischen fast vierzig Grad Hitze ,nach über acht Monaten bltutigen Kämpfen, die noch immer in den letzten, vom IS gehaltenen Stadtvierteln anhalten:

With Iraqi forces backed by the US-led international coalition striking the remaining three ISIS-held districts of western Mosul and civilians telling stories of being used as human shields and targeted for fleeing, the stench of rotting bodies is heavy in the hot summer air.

'ISIS is indiscriminately targeting everyone, even children'.

"The longer you search, the more bodies you find," reported Rudaw correspondent Hunar Ahmed, who has been embedded with the Iraqi federal police.

Peering into the rubble of what was a home, Ahmed says "There seems to be many bodies inside as smell is coming out of it."

“Credible reports indicate that more than 231 civilians attempting to flee western Mosul have been killed since 26 May, including at least 204 over three days last week alone,” reads a June 8 statement from the United Nations Human Rights (OHCHR) in which it cited reports of between 50 and 80 civilian deaths in Zanjily after a May 31 strike.

Barefooted civilians are trying to reach safety amid constant fire. Children can be seen bleeding with bandaged heads.

Ahmed reported those who have fled as saying ISIS is indiscriminately targeting everyone, even children.

Some of the slain were recognized by their families. Others are still there as they were not recognized by anyone.

The face of a teenage boy was found burned in a house with his father's ID lain beside him.

"We entered the house with two to three bodies laid in each room," Ahmed reported.