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Zum Selbstmord von Sara Hegazy

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Die aus Ägypten stammende Queer-Aktivistin Srah Higazy hat sich das Leben genommen. Ein Nachruf von Ahmed El Hady:

The queer Egyptian communist Sara Higazy died of suicide and passed away in her exile in Canada yesterday. I cannot describe the immense calamity that is reverberating now across the Egyptian LGBTQ community in exile and back home. We are in shock remembering a world that refuses to accept us. We are reminded again of a militaristic regime, a hyper-conservative society and a religious authority in Egypt that is waging a psychological and physical war against us ,not to survive.

Sara’s crime was raising a rainbow flag during the mashrou3 Leila concert in September 2017. Public outcry and campaign of dehumanization has led to her imprisonment. Everyone around her including the “leftist” party to whom she belonged gave up on her , fearing confronting a fascist society that sees “ Queer” as a danger to the national and moral order. She fled the country to her exile in Canada , de-rooted from her family, her community and her country that she deeply loved. Her mom died and she was not able to say goodbye.

She kept engaged with the events in Egypt , wrestling with deep questions about capitalism, revolutionary struggle and the positioning of queers within those dimensions. Questions that were rarely raised within the LGBTQ community in Egypt. She was one of the few people that I can talk to about the intersection of class struggle and queer issues in Egypt.

You will be greatly missed my dear Sara . The few of us wrestling with the questions of marxism, class struggle and queerness will be left alone. We lost a luminary that dreamt of a just world. We will continue to realize your dream , that you left unfinished. In your suicide, we are reminded that we were not meant to survive, that we were not meant to thrive and that the psychological toll will kill us but may be there is a glimpse of hope very far in the horizon.

I refuse to see you as a victim my dear Sara. You are a hero, you are a fighter and I promise you that we will continue your fight .

Till we meet Comrade