Donnerstag, 16.06.2022 / 18:17 Uhr

Mitarbeiter von World Vision für Geldschmuggel an Hamas verurteilt

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

In Israel ging ein Prozess zu Ende, der international mit einer gewissen Aufmerksamkeit verfolgt wurde, ging es doch um die Finanzierung einer Terrororganisation durch Kanäle einer großen chrsitlchen NGO:

The Beersheba District Court on Wednesday convicted Mohammad al-Halabi, a Gazan who worked at World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, of transferring millions in funds to the Hamas terror group. Halabi was recruited by Hamas in 2004 and was assigned to infiltrate World Vision in 2005. By 2014 he had achieved a high management position.

Throughout his World Vision employment, Halabi met with Hamas military operatives to keep up with their needs. In the verdict, the court said that Halabi intentionally diverted large volumes of iron, plastic and digging tools to Hamas to assist it with digging terror tunnels.

 Al-Halabi was indicted in August 2016 for smuggling $7.2 million a year to Hamas for buying weapons and building attack tunnels instead of the funds being used by World Vision for food, humanitarian assistance, and aid programs for disabled children. (...)

World Vision itself accused the Israeli court and prosecution of “irregularities in the trial process and a lack of substantive and publicly available evidence.” They supported Halabi’s decision to appeal and called for a “fair and transparent appeal process based on the facts of the case.”

NGO Monitor said the decision “highlights fundamental vulnerabilities of a multi-billion dollar NGO aid industry that remains largely unregulated and unexamined.”