Samstag, 26.11.2022 / 21:08 Uhr

PYD vermutet Inside-Job hinter Anschlag in Istanbul

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Mazlum Kobane, Bildquelle: Wikimedia Commons

In einem langen und lesenswerten Interview, das Al-Monitor mit dem Kommandeur der Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) geführt hat, geht Mazlum Kobane auch auf die Anschläge in Istanbul ein, die ja der Auslöser für die jüngsten türkischen Angriffe waren.

Er spricht von einem Inside-Job:

I believe it was an act of provocation that was conceived by the Turkish government in order to lay the ground for the war against us. We did a lot of research and have concluded that the attack was perpetrated by Syrian opposition groups operating under Turkey’s control. We established, for example, and I am revealing this information to the media for the first time, that the woman who was arrested for planting the bomb comes from a family linked to the Islamic State. Three of her brothers died fighting for the Islamic State. One died in Raqqa, another in Manbij and a third died in Iraq. Another brother is a commander in the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition in Afrin. She was married to three different Islamic State fighters and the family is from Aleppo. We had absolutely nothing to do with the bombing and we have no such policy.