Mittwoch, 18.01.2023 / 21:27 Uhr

Neue Proteste in Teheran

Laut Iran International kam es heute zu erneuten Protesten in Teheran:

A group of Iranian citizens held a gathering east of capital Tehran to commemorate anti-government protester Mohsen Shekari who was executed by the regime in December.

Protesters gathered Tuesday evening in Hafthowz Square in Tehran and chanted "Death to the dictator" on the 40th day after Shekari’s execution that led to domestic and international condemnations.

Iran executed Mohsen Shekari on charges of injuring a security guard with a knife and closing off a street in the capital Tehran. The young man lived in Narmak neighborhood near Hafhowz Square.

According to reports, security forces fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Videos received by Iran International show that security was tight near Shekari’s house in Narmak as people prepared to commemorate him.

Other videos on social media show protestors in Tehran and Karaj chanted anti-government slogans Tuesday night.

Protesters in different neighborhoods of Tehran, including Ekbatan, Apadana, and Shahr-e Ziba, chanted "Death to Khamenei, the killer", and "Death to the child-killing regime".