Freitag, 20.01.2023 / 19:06 Uhr

US-Sanktionen haben schwere Auswirkungen auf irakische Währung

Irakischer Dinarschein (Ausschnitt)

Da der Iran viele seiner Transkationen über Syrien, den Libanon und den Irak abwickelt, versuchen die USA diese zu unterbinden. Im Irak verfügen sie dafür über genügend Einfluss. Mit den entsprechenden Folgen, wie Media Line berichtet:

Over the past weeks, the Iraqi dinar has suffered from unprecedented fluctuation in its exchange rate with the US dollar, which experts attribute to new measures imposed by the US Federal Reserve on Iraq. As part of a campaign to ensure that sanctions against Iran and Russia are upheld, the US is taking steps to prevent the dollar from reaching several countries, including Iran, Syria, Russia, and Lebanon.

The difference between the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq and the actual market rate has been as high as 10%. The Central Bank of Iraq set the exchange rate at 1,470 Iraqi dinars per dollar, while in the currency markets, including the black market, the Iraqi dinar trades at prices ranging between 1,590 and 1,620 per dollar.

The financial adviser to the prime minister, Mazhar Salih, told media outlets that the fundamental reason for the volatility of the exchange rate “is an external constraint,” presumably referring to the American campaign.

A source for The Media Line at the Central Bank of Iraq confirmed the presence of representatives of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve. The agents were sent to ensure the implementation of the new policies aimed at preventing the dollar from reaching Iran and Russia.

“New procedures are being implemented now,” the source said. “Many forms of proof must be submitted by persons or entities wishing to buy the dollar, for whatever purpose.”