Samstag, 04.11.2023 / 18:36 Uhr

Heavy Metal in Irakisch Kurdistan

Bildquelle: Screenshot Rudaw

Im Irak und Irakisch-Kurdistan findet das erste Heavy Metal fest statt. Auch das ein Zeichen, wie sich einiges verändert:

Kurdistan Region’s city of culture played host to Iraq’s first-ever heavy metal fest on Friday, with the participation of international and local bands. 

Titled the “Peacecore Fest,” it was under the slogans of reconciliation, peace, and friendship. This is the second Peacecore Fest. The first was held in Germany in September. 

In Sulaimani, three groups from Iraq, Turkey, and Iran performed, as well as a solo heavy metal project from the Kurdistan Region. 

“This is the first time happening in great Iraq and great Kurdistan. The first time, there was a Peacecore Fest in Germany, which we played as Dark Phantom and then I got introduced to the organizers and then I said I have this great idea, maybe we should hold the same thing in Kurdistan,” Mir Shamal, the organizer of the event, told Rudaw English. 

On stage, the tall, long-haired, slender man, rocked traditional Kurdish clothes with a vest embellished with the logos of world-famous heavy metal bands, including Metallica and Black Sabbath. 

He told the crowd that he was there to spread love and then performed as the first ever Kurdish solo heavy metal project, Cyaxares, named after the third king of the Medes who is mentioned in the Kurdish national anthem.

Shamal is also a member of the band Dark Phantom from Kirkuk. 

Ferec is a Kurdish heavy metal group from Turkey’s Kurdish city of Van. This was the first time the 25-year veteran rockers played in Sulaimani.

“This is the first time we are working with groups from other countries. This is a wonderful thing for us, to know that there are metal groups around here playing their music,” said Reh Fuat, the founder and lead singer of the group.