Donnerstag, 30.11.2023 / 23:14 Uhr

Stadtverwaltung in Bagdad geht rabiat gegen Bettler vor

Bettler im Irak, Bild: Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken

Hohe Mieten, Inflation und mangelnde Arbeitsmöglichkeiten zwingen viele Irakis in die Armut. In Folge steigt die Zahl der Bettler in den Straßen der Hauptstadt. Gegen die geht nun die Verwaltung vor, wie Rudaw berichtet:

Local authorities in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad have launched a campaign to detain street beggars, citing threats to public security. 

As part of a stronger security plan in Baghdad, the Organized Crime Department has arrested a number of street beggars following a recent increase in begging in the city, something they consider as having negative repercussions on public security.

"This campaign resulted in the arrest of a number of beggars, who were brought to justice, and the campaign will continue until we will have removed all the beggars, or tapered this growing trend for the purpose of reducing its risks and exploitation by some gangs trafficking humans, as well as gangs that engage in the sale of human organs," Brigadier General Hussein Ali Al-Tamimi, in charge of the  Organized Crime Department's Operations Room in Baghdad told Rudaw.

Al-Tamimi added that they have received knowledge that drug dealers exploit street beggars, capitalizing on their vulnerability in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.

Taxi drivers praised the government for cracking down on the street beggars, calling on the local authorities to move forward with the campaign.

"Beggars have increased in number in the streets and at traffic lights, annoying people a lot," Mustafa Mohamed, a taxi driver said.

Though the authorities have not disclosed the nationality of the beggars who were recently arrested, in November 2021, the Iraqi authorities announced the arrest of 700 beggars of different Asian nationalities who were then deported back to their home countries.