Dienstag, 25.05.2021 / 13:38 Uhr

Plant der tunesische Präsident einen Putsch?

Aus dem Netz

Laut Middle East Eye gibt es Pläne über einen kalten Putsch des Präsidenten Tunesiens zue Entmachtung des Parlaments.


Der tunesische Präsident Kais Saied, Bild: Wikimedia Commons


Kais Saied’s top advisors have urged the Tunisian president to seize control of the country from the elected government as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and mounting levels of debt.

The plan would be to lure Saied’s political rivals to the presidential palace and announce the coup in their presence while not allowing them to leave. Other top politicians and businessmen would be simultaneously arrested.

The plan is contained in a document passed to Middle East Eye, labelled “absolutely top secret” and dated 1

It is addressed to Saied’s chief of staff Nadia Akacha and outlines how the president would enact a chapter of the constitution which - under a national emergency -  would give him complete control of the state.

Under the plan, leaked from Akacha's private office, the president would call an urgent meeting of the National Security Council at his palace in Carthage, under the guise of the pandemic, the security situation and the state of the country’s public finances.