Sonntag, 11.02.2024 / 21:23 Uhr

China: Propaganda gegen Uiguren und Juden

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Banner in Peking, Bildquelle: X (Vormals Twitter)

Nach dem 7.10 intensiviert die chinesische Staatspropaganda ihre Hetze gegen Juden und Uiguren.


Dass und warum beides miteinander zusammenhängt, erklärt James M. Dorsey:

Determined not to be sucked into escalating Middle Eastern tensions, China is betting that Arab and Muslim states will look the other way as it seeks to redefine Islam.

In lockstep with Chinese efforts to reshape Islam, China’s tightly controlled Internet has been flooded with virulent anti-Semitic comments since the outbreak of the Gaza war in October.

China appears to see anti-Jewish hate speech as a means of fuelling anti-US and anti-Western sentiment in the Middle East and placating public opinion in the Middle East enraged by Western support for Israel.

Anti-Jewish comments include frequent comparisons of Jews to Nazis and conspiracy theories that American Jews control power and wealth in the United States.

In late January, Chinese social media influencer Zhou Zheng" posted on his Haokan Video account a video titled ‘Never Believe What the Jews Say.’




Mr. Zhou asserted that “homeless” and “filthy rich Jews” prior to the Holocaust had betrayed Germany by seizing control of the German economy prior to the Holocaust. Mr. Zhou claimed that Jews had collaborated with Japan against China in World War II and in the mid-1800s incited Britain to invade China.

China has reason to believe that its anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish campaigns are safe bets.

Arab and Muslim nations remained silent, and in some cases even endorsed past repression of the Uighurs, including the incarceration of an estimated one million in reeducation prisons.

The bet assumes that Arab and Muslim states, already disinclined to rock economic ties with China, will not want to strain relations at a time of uncertainty over the US commitment to Middle East security.

It also assumes that anti-Semitism will land on receptive ears because of the Gaza war, even if Arab media limit anti-Jewish as opposed to anti-Israeli speech.

China further assumes that Arab autocrats, like Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and United Arab Emirates President Mohammed bin Zayed, share with China an interest in controlling Islam and combatting political Islam.